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July 31, 2004

Runaway Cows Crsh Commuter's Car

newsicon.jpgIt seems some members of the Underground Bovine Resistance have been spotted!

Runaway cows crush commuter's car
Thursday July 29, 11:37 AM
A woman was left in shock after a herd of runaway cows trampled over her car.

Barbara Epps, 52, was travelling to work in her Toyota Yaris on the A4173 towards Edge in Gloucestershire when she spotted the herd.

Mrs Epps, from Quedgeley, Gloucestershire, said: "I was just driving along when all of a sudden these cows came hurtling out of a garden and flew over the car then crashed on to the road on the other side."

It's not often that the U.B.R. makes their apparences in broad daylight, for such reasons as this - avoid any sort of awareness being manifested by the humans!


Posted by CrazyJoe at July 31, 2004 03:49 PM


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