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July 31, 2004

Flaming Manure


More depressing news from the Underground Bovine Resistance:

Just Two Words: 'Flaming Manure'
(Ferndale, Wash.-AP, July 29, 2004)

Crews fighting a blaze in a three-acre manure lagoon Wednesday smothered the flames with more of the same - a blanket of wet cow manure.

The cause of the fire was not known. It started Sunday in brush growing on the crust of manure, wood chips and barn shavings on the surface of the lagoon, which is 24 feet deep.

After working with water and foam, crews began spraying the wet manure on Tuesday. Another layer was applied on Wednesday, and Assistant Fire Chief Larry Hoffman said the fire appeared to be "98-99 percent" out.

Hoffman received an earful of complaints about the smoke and odor as the fire burned on a dairy farm outside Ferndale, about 100 miles north of Seattle.

"We're not the most popular department in town," he said.

As if it wasn't enough that cow-pies are used to power cars for the humans, but they are using them to combat fires, and interept with a foreign ritual which they are unfamiliar with (the cause mind you was for a religious ceremony!). They have lost popularity with the townsfolk, and with the native cows as well.



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